About us

About us

Welcome to Cool Stuff Cafe!

We love to find and share unique items and services that will add beauty, fun, and luxury to your life! We look forward to your comments and learning about your cool finds. Too much stuff or should we say the wrong stuff can clutter and take away from your joy. Who didn’t spend money on something that they regretted later? But some stuff can help take your life experience to the next level and make the journey a little sweeter. That is what we call “cool stuff”. We hope this site will help you luxuriate your life! You deserve it!


If you have something “cool” you think we should know about, you are welcome to mail it to us but please be aware that when sending unsolicited items – we may or may not review it and we just don’t have the staffing at this point  to ship it back to you. We will look at it and if we think it is “cool” then we will cover it! If not, we won’t. It is as simple as that. One thing we don’t do – negative reviews! If we don’t like something, then it just doesn’t show up on our site.

Mailing Address:

CoolStuffCafe.com, 3525 Del Mar Heights Rd., #789, San Diego, CA 92130